The main aim of Slovak Institute of Logotherapy (SILOE) is to take part in the activities of prevention and support of mental health by the means of accredited trainings and lifelong education for experts in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Moreover, it is to improve scientific research, educational and pastoral programmes concerning the psychotherapeutical interventions. All the activities of the Institute are done in accordance to the dignity of man and universal values.


Slovak Institute of Logotherapy (SILOE) was established in the year 2010. It follows the roots of the Institute of Existential Psychology and Noo-logotherapy, which was active at University in Trnava during the academic years 2001 – 2010


Institute SILOE is accredited member of international network of institutes of logotherapy, which are supervised by Frankl´s Institute in Vienna. Viktor Emil Frankl (1905 - 1997), a neurologist and a psychiatrist, is the founder of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy. The basic logotherapeutical concept represents: freedom of will, will to meaning and meaning of life. The essentials of Logotherapy are values. Frankl perceives a man as the person in three-dimensional perspective, especially in its human spirituality, noetical dimension. In the field of certified studies in psychotherapy, SILOE provides (under the gestion of Slovak Institute for Education in Psychotherapy) long-termed education and training in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis that are accredited by the Department of Health of the Slovak Republic.


SILOE belongs to founding members of Slovak Institute for Education in Psychotherapy (SIVP). It cooperates for a long time with Department of Existential Psychology of Slovak Psychological Society (Slovak Academy of Science), Department of Psychology of Philosophical Faculty at University in Trnava and also with institutes, logotherapeuts from foreign countries sucha s the Czech Republik, Poland and Austria.

Logo of the Institute

The Author of Logo is a painter and a graphic, the master of brilliant work with lines, Miroslav CIPÁR.


Slovak Institute of Logotherapy (SILOE)
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